Make strategy the rule, not the exception

Dive into this enlightening conversation with Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, author of "The One-Hour Strategy," as he challenges traditional strategy-making and offers a novel approach that engages everyone in an organization. Learn about his unique insights and what drives him to redefine strategy as we know it. Hello Jeroen , so why did you write this book… now? Jeroen Kraaijenbrink: My reason to write this book is the urgent need to change the way we think about and do strategy. Traditionally, strategy is a top-down board room activity, based on predictive analysis and separated from execution. Decades of research has consistently shown that this way of working is highly ineffective. Yet, many organizations stick to it, causing a lot of wasted potential, frustration and failure. It does not have to be like this. In “The One-Hour Strategy,” I outline a novel approach to strategy that engages literally...


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How Founderz is disrupting business education

With Founderz, Pau Garcia-Mila is literally disrupting the training industry by stepping into the gap left between elite training courses and the non-degree courses proliferating online. To better understand this winning strategy, which has already won him the backing of giants such as Microsoft, we interviewed him? Hi Pau, what problem do you propose to solve with your company? Pau Garcia-Mila: When we began this project, we recognized a dramatic shift in education – especially in business training. We saw two main options: either traditional business schools with rich educational heritage but steep price tags, accessible to only a select few; or online platforms offering videos, yet lacking guarantees on employability or genuine learning. We aimed to bridge this gap. Our mission is to provide high-quality education accessible to everyone, through innovative programs that are more affordable than typical...


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Geoffrey Moore crosses the chasm between the non-existence of God and God’s creation of the world

In a departure from his tech-strategy roots, Geoffrey Moore tackles the grand questions of human existence in his new book, "The Infinite Staircase: What the Universe Tells Us About Life, Ethics, and Mortality." Using an interdisciplinary approach, Moore builds a metaphorical ladder from the Big Bang to daily ethical decisions. Today, we sit down with him to explore this intellectual odyssey and its implications for our secular age. Stay tuned. Hi Geoffrey, so why did you write this book… now? For all my adult life I have embraced a worldview based on secular metaphysics (the Big Bang, evolution, etc.) while at the same time sought to live in accordance with values based on Christian ethics. The nagging question for me was always, if there is no God, what authorizes those ethics? I did not want to abandon them, but I also did not want to abandon the secular narrative of how the universe came to be. So, this...


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Will you love an invitation to rethink tired notions of product marketing and practice a more dynamic, customer and market-centric version?

Drawing inspiration from the giants of Silicon Valley (Apple, Netflix, Microsoft and Salesforce), the author of LOVED shows us the way to an inspiring and innovative product policy thanks to four easy-to-remember fundamentals: ambassador - strategist - storyteller - evangelist. Martina Lauchengco shares with us the "recipes" of successful brands: tell a story before the launch of a product, which the consumer will appropriate to preach the good word and "recruit" brand ambassadors. Interview. Hi Martina Lauchengco, why did you write this book… now? Martina Lauchengco: I kept seeing product marketing getting confused with its outputs (launches, product collateral, sales enablement) rather than its core intent: to drive product adoption by shaping market perception through strategic marketing activities that meet business goals. I wanted people to understand what best-practice...


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Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy

Is community the last great marketing strategy? Mark Schaefer answers yes in his last book Belonging to Brand. He explains why community is a massively overlooked marketing opportunity for most organizations and how three major trends collide in a way that makes brand communities the future of marketing strategy. Interview. Hi Mark, so why did you write this book… now?  Mark W. Schaefer: I have a good track record of discerning marketing trends and discussing them before others. To me, there are three mega-trends colliding right now that point to community as the next big thing in marketing. Coincidentally, the day I wrote the last words of the book, McKinsey came out with a major research report stating that community is the next trend to watch in marketing, so that was a mic drop moment for me! When I have these big ideas and I'm sure I'm right, then I need to get this out into...


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A Digital Marketer Walks into a Bar… and asks the first person they see to marry them

When the world's biggest brands want to sharpen their digital marketing strategy, they call Neil Hoyne – Google's Chief Measurement Strategist and Senior Fellow at the Wharton School. In his first book "Converted", he offers a simple, research-backed playbook that anyone can use to find their best customers and develop relationships that last. Interview. Hi, Neil. So why did you write this book now? Neil Hoyne: Hi! I wrote it because my experiences in marketing—all the advertisers I helped get the most out of their digital marketing, all the stories I heard—pointed to a problem. Customers are the most important thing to any business, but especially during the pandemic, most companies have lost touch with them.For airlines and hotels, with customers on lockdown: Will they ever come back and fly or stay with us again?For car companies that found themselves short of inventory: Are the people who...


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Find the Most Effective Project Management Tools For Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Efficient project management is a skill appreciated across all major industries. Be it software, business, data science, education, content, or healthcare, every core sector requires an adept project management system. Getting the most out of project management software requires a combination of time management, discipline, and software skills.  Your choice of educational routes can help you master these skills. The best coding bootcamps are educational options that can teach you the importance of time and software management. Online courses can also help you practice discipline and time management skills.  There is an array of project management software in today’s software as a solution market. As the world progressively heads toward a more remote and hybrid work environment, the demand for effective project management solutions continues to rise. According to Statista, the revenue for task...


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The future leader is now the present day leader

Jacob Morgan personally interviewed over 140 CEOs globally from companies like Unilever, Audi, Mastercard, Best Buy, Oracle, Verizon... to answer that question: Will the leader of the next decade be that different than the leader of today? And if so, how? These were the two questions that Jacob Morgan sought out to explore in his groundbreaking new book The Future Leader. Interview. Hi Jacob Morgan , so why did you write this book… now? Jacob Morgan: I wrote, The Future Leader in 2020 just as COVID-19 was becoming a pandemic. The book is even more relevant now then when it was at the time of release. In fact, one of the greatest learnings from the book is that the future leader is now the present day leader. Meaning the skills and mindsets that I talk about in the book are crucial to practice now! An extract from your book that best represents yourself? Great leaders change the...


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It’s an exciting time to be a citizen developer

The workplace has been depending on technology for decades. But supply and demand for techies are out of whack. Fortunately, thanks to powerful new tools and a new breed of employees, organizations are finally fulfilling critical business needs and reducing their reliance on pricey software developers. Big dive into the No Code world with Phil Simon, the author of Low-Code/No-Code. Hi Phil, why did you write this book? I wrote Low-Code/No-Code: Citizen Developers and the Surprising Future of Business Applications for several reasons. First, it’s an increasingly important trend. Second, there were only a handful of books out on the subject when I started writing. I felt like I could make a meaningful contribution to the field—one with plenty of research, case studies, analysis,  and synthesis. I was looking to write a complementary text to my last two books,  Reimagining Collaboration...


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We must treat change like an opportunity and not like something to avoid

The moments of greatest change can also be the moments of greatest opportunity. Adapt more quickly and use the power of change to your advantage with Build for Tomorrow the book from the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine: Jason Feifer. We cannot anticipate tomorrow’s needs, but it shouldn’t take a crisis to push us forward. This book will show you how to make change on your own terms. Interview. Hi Jason, so why did you write this book… now? Jason Feifer: I’ve spent years studying how the most successful people navigate change, because I believe it’s the most important skill that drives success. I came to discover that everyone experiences change in four phases — Panic, Adaptation, New Normal, and Wouldn’t Go Back. That last part is the most important: It’s when we have something so new and valuable that we say, “I wouldn’t want to go back to a time before I had it.” This is...


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Want to make more creative, flexible, and impactful decisions in a world of competing demands

For many of us, competing and interwoven demands are a source of conflict. How can we each express our individuality while also being a team player? How do we balance work and life? How can we manage the core business while innovating for the future? In Both/And Thinking, Wendy K. Smith and Marianne Lewis help us cope with and transform these tensions into opportunities for innovation and personal growth. Hi Marianne, so why did you write this book… now? Marianne Lewis: Leaders experience tensions most under conditions of change and scarcity, and as stakeholder pressures vary. Today’s business conditions – really, our life conditions – are the ‘perfect storm’ for tensions. Caught in so many tug-of-wars, it’s not surprising that we hear ‘both/and thinking’ becoming a bit of a mantra. All kinds of people talk about the value of AND – world leaders, CEOs, authors, scientists and poets....


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New normal is a unique opportunity to rethink why and how we work

Hybrid and remote work is here to stay. What will it take for your company to succeed in the new normal? Building a workplace culture strong enough to thrive at a distance doesn't happen by chance, but by design. In Remote Not Distant, meticulously researched book, top culture thought leader Gustavo Razzetti provides a roadmap to understand, adapt to, and succeed in a hybrid workplace, investigating the leading edges of this revolution, including Amazon, Slack, GitLab, Volvo, and Microsoft, to name just a few. The lessons are simple yet stunning. Interview. Hi Gustavo Razzetti, so why did you write this book… now? Gustavo Razzetti : I wanted to encourage teams and leaders to embrace this unique opportunity to rethink why and how we work. The conversation around hybrid is flawed, often getting stuck in the location aspect (office versus remote), creating a damaging narrative. Writing this book...


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Transform your work creating clarity

Would you want more people to buy into your ideas? Are you frustrated with too many unproductive situations at work? Do you need a new approach to solve the complex challenges of today? What if, visual tools were your answer! In his book Creating Clarity, Holger Nils Pohl will help you harness numerous visual tools to create value for your business, your customers, and even your private life. Interview to clarify. Hi Holger, so why did you write this book… now? Holger Nils Pohl: Well, I’m not sure if ’now’ is appropriate as it took me around seven years to write this book…! But in the grand scheme, one might allow the word ’now,’ right?For the last decade, I’ve seen many people in business struggle to get excellent outcomes or struggle with how they get to these excellent results. And I’ve often seen the cause of their struggles in ineffective meetings, unclear structures, and...


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The companies of the future will profit by fixing the world’s problems, not creating them

In the book Net Positive, the ex-Unilever CEO who increased his shareholders' returns by 300% while ensuring the company ranked #1 in the world for sustainability for eleven years running has, for the first time, revealed how to do it. Teaming up with Andrew Winston, one of the world's most authoritative voices on corporate sustainability, Paul Polman shows business leaders how to take on humanity's greatest and most urgent challenges--climate change and inequality--and build a thriving business as a result. Let's listen to Andrew Winston talking about the book. Hi Andrew Winston, so why did you write this book… now? Andrew Winston: My co-author, Paul Polman, approached me about writing a new book that would leverage his experience running a multinational company with purpose and sustainability at the core, and use my knowledge from working on these issues for 20 years. We both feel...


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The Next Trends in Business Management That Will Shape the Future of Companies

According to Statista, the size of the business process management (BPM) market worldwide between 2020 and 2025 is expected to grow from its impressive outcome of $8.8 billion in 2020 to a potential $14.4 billion by 2025. This means that the business management industry could gain $5.6 billion of economic development within just three years.  Managing a company goes beyond giving orders and inspecting what the staff is doing. Proper management is about leadership and walking the professionals of a company through high-proficiency practices. This is your chance if you want to become a managerial leader in 2022. Read the paragraphs below, and you will find what's innovative and disrupting in this field. Pay attention and follow each one of the key points that we'll mention here.  Top Best Trends in Management in 2022 The years to come pledge an interesting evolution in how companies are managed and...


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