Jacob Morgan personally interviewed over 140 CEOs globally from companies like Unilever, Audi, Mastercard, Best Buy, Oracle, Verizon… to answer that question: Will the leader of the next decade be that different than the leader of today? And if so, how? These were the two questions that Jacob Morgan sought out to explore in his groundbreaking new book The Future Leader. Interview.

Hi Jacob Morgan , so why did you write this book… now?

Jacob Morgan: I wrote, The Future Leader in 2020 just as COVID-19 was becoming a pandemic. The book is even more relevant now then when it was at the time of release. In fact, one of the greatest learnings from the book is that the future leader is now the present day leader. Meaning the skills and mindsets that I talk about in the book are crucial to practice now!

An extract from your book that best represents yourself?

Great leaders change the world, or perhaps more aptly, great leaders make the world. They help design the products and services that we use in our personal and professional lives, they create companies that provide jobs so that people who there can provide for their families; they fight for social causes and injustice to help make the world a better place; they support charities and nonprofits; and they shape the culture, attitude, and behavior of the people who work there, meaning they shape who we are as human beings. It’s a tremendous responsibility but an enormous privilege. 

The trends that are just emerging and that you believe in the most?

Jacob Morgan: In The Future Leader, I talk about 6 trends which CEOs identified as being most crucial. These include AI and technology, purpose and meaning, the new talent landscape, and the overall pace of change. Right now the most important trend I’m paying attention to is how leadership is changing, specifically around vulnerability which is the focus of my upcoming book. Vulnerability for leaders is not the same as it is for everyone else.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a reader of this article, what would it be?

If you had to give one piece of advice to a reader of this article, what would it be?

Jacob Morgan: You don’t need anyone’s permission to lead. All of the 9 skills and mindsets that I talk about in my most recent book ranging from thinking like a futurist to having a growth mindset to helping make others more successful than you – all of these can be practiced by anyone at any time for free. If you want to be a future-ready leader then start!

In a nutshell, what are the next topics that you will be passionate about?

Jacob Morgan: My next book is focusing on leadership and vulnerability and will come out closer to the end of 2023. It’s based on over 100 CEO interviews and a survey of nearly 14,000 employees around the world. The goal of the book is to show that vulnerability for leaders can be a tremendous superpower IF it is approached the right way. Unfortunately, no resources like this exist for leaders so I’m very excited to share some of the findings in the coming months.

Thank you Jacob Morgan

Many thanks Bertrand

The book: The Future Leader, Jacob Morgan, Wiley, 2020.