The GTD method, authored by David Allen, is acclaimed as one of the best personal management systems. We wanted to go further asking to the master of personal organization a question that kills: Is the GTD method appropriate for kids?

David Allen: Yes. At least as soon as a kid can understand and respond to these questions:

  • What would you like to experience/have true/have happen for this party/vacation/wall decoration/homework?
  • Great. And what’s the next thing you/I/we need to do, to make that happen?

…and if they’re old enough, add this one:

  • And so, how can we make sure you/I/we take that action and make it happen?

That’s GTD.

We’ve seen parents home-schooling their kids as young as four years old with these questions; and the kids are quite responsive and enthused, and they start to get things done.

B.J.: Thanks for your answer David.

D.A.: Thank you Bertrand