I have been devouring books for a long time ago. Here on Goodreads, I am sharing only the books I read for my professional, teaching, consulting and own books writing activities.

So the books you will find on my shelve are mainly emanating from business, management, marketing and digital fields. They are only a part of a wider passion for reading.

Anyway, let’connect each other !

Regarding the books I wrote, you can discover them here or there on :

Le Journal de BJ au Bureau : www.lejournaldebjaubureau.com
Managing Softly : www.managingsoftly.com
Mode & Internet : www.mode-et-internet.com
The Inside Story of the Web : www.theinsidestoryoftheweb.com
Le digital à toutes les sauces https://amzn.to/2l26LlU
Dopez votre stratégie digitale https://amzn.to/2OXogSl

See you soon on Goodreads