Publishing content has become a strategic issue for companies. Thanks to an advanced artificial intelligence technology, has developed a platform that analyzes data and creates multilingual content for all websites and e-commerce. Unique article development, text generator, creation of product sheets or Amazon descriptions, trend forecasting, site performance analysis… Its founder Massimiliano Squillace explains it all.

Hi Massimiliano Squillace, what problem do you propose to solve with your start-up?

Massimiliano Squillace : The world of communication is constantly and rapidly changing, the challenges for content creators and for anyone who runs an online business and needs content are many.The tools are varied and often not available in one place, which makes it difficult for the user to use them. Another problem often reported by users in the market is that there are no tailored solutions, prices are too high and often not reachable by small or growing businesses.What we have created, following a very thorough study of the industry, analyzing the problems and the opportunities, is a platform that we like to call “all-in-one” because it contains everything you need in itself, allowing a harmonious and organized vision, gives users the opportunity to deal with a single interlocutor and then better clarify their needs and their needs.Another challenge that Contents has taken up is that of creating solutions suitable for everyone, not only for the largest realities but also for those who are starting their own business and need content to start it, we think it is necessary and proper to expand the coverage to create an effective and interconnected market.

What is your magic recipe?

Massimiliano Squillace : Our company was born with the aim of democratizing the use of data, communication and information. We believe that the ability to use tools to collect, read and interpret data should not be the prerogative of a few, it should be something for everyone, and with us it is now a reality. The world of communication is evolving rapidly, the challenges are many: our winning idea was to exploit the intelligence of the machine as a support for human intelligence. We created a proprietary algorithm, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, capable of generating any kind of content in a few seconds, based on submitted inputs. This system is always supported by a team of highly experienced copywriters who follow the process and if necessary intervene manually. We are very pleased to see day after day how profitable the hybrid collaboration between machine and human is.

Could you tell me about a subject related to your field that we don’t know about and teach us something about it?

Massimiliano Squillace : Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are some of the most pressing issues in contemporary society. The future scenarios of work, for example, will be strongly characterized by the pressure of automation and it is no longer possible to consider these issues as matters of science fiction or robotics research labs. The central question that needs to be asked is in fact the role that will be reserved for the human in these areas and how to prevent that the innovations that artificial intelligence incorporates will also overflow into the disruption of the contemporary and future social fabric.Our goal will never imply replacing human work but creating an efficient support that can help creators, e-commerce owners and advertisers to speed up tasks in an intelligent way. That’s why we’re not scared but excited about this technology growing every day: because we have the right tools to understand it, exploit it and optimize our work through it. It happens that journalists talk about us as those who are going to replace journalism, but I would like to specify that this is not the case, not at all. We want to free people from manual work, from copy-pasting, from reshuffling news. Because that’s what the machine does. The machine will never do an interview, an investigation, the machine is able to take content that already exists, redo it, write it better, write it faster, overcoming that limitation present in many newsrooms where journalists are paid just to rework the ANSA news of the day.

What question about your project would you like to be asked?

Massimiliano Squillace : I’d like to talk about the unique and, if I may say, revolutionary strength of our project.
What makes our company unique is the way it is revolutionizing the world of information and communication through artificial intelligence and machine learning methods.
We can generate thousands of contents in seconds just by entering a few inputs into the Contents system generates product sheets, descriptions, texts, captions, blog ideas, any kind of content in any language.
I think it’s revolutionary to have such a large arsenal of new original contents, ad-hoc ideas for each person who needs them, but not only that… we have a huge database of data that trains our algorithm and allows the machine to respond better and faster to customer impulses. We also have an efficient anti-plagiarism service, taken care of by Thea Pilkati, our young data scientist, to ensure the customer the best authentic and original product, safe from plagiarism.
When we are asked about the role of artificial intelligence in our work, we always specify that it will never replace human intelligence but support it. In fact, the technology makes the latter faster and more optimized but it will not take its place for the important things, it will simply streamline unnecessary repetitive and automated processes.
Unlike other companies that offer only one tool, offers all the tools useful to a communicator or business owner, in only one organized and neat platform.

What business, other than your own of course, would you have been proud to create and why?

Massimiliano Squillace : As an entrepreneur and as a lover of the world of communication and information, I’ve never wanted to remain closed within my boundaries or in my “castle” but I’ve always loved what revolved around me, catching the direction, the moves and the evolutions. I’m a totally meritocratic person and I have no problem admitting what ideas are absolutely great but I have to say that with the Contents project it was more complicated to find direct competitors that made me say “gee, why didn’t I think of that first!” .
This happened not because they didn’t follow good paths or aren’t built on good ideas but because they each had some good ideas but only about individual aspects.
What I realized was missing in this reality (and that I wanted to include through my company) is to offer a global and harmonious vision: the union of all the tools in a single kit. In general, I really admire all those companies that, like us, push to democratize data, because it means that they have understood that from this the benefits will increase exponentially for everyone. Shutting down means giving up on innovation and renewal.

What message would you give if you were to give a talk at TED?

Massimiliano Squillace : If I were doing a ted talk I would give some advice to new startup owners who are trying to launch their products or companies in the market. I would tell them that you should not be afraid to make mistakes. You can always straighten up once in a while! The best ideas are born out of failures, out of the thousand and one times you’ve tried to succeed and out of the thousand and one times you’ve finally arrived at the result you hoped for, which only remains the stepping stone to achieving and striving for the best version of yourself. But of course, study, interest, and curiosity are the foundation of success as an entrepreneur because only if you learn from others, do you notice the mistakes and the gray to fit in.

What sites are in your favorites?

Massimiliano Squillace : Stripe, Uber and Airbnb

Thnak you Massimiliano Squillace

Many thanks Bertrand Jouvenot