Make every project chrystal clear to prepare the best case studies

Case studies are an execllent way to promote your company. But, when time comes to write the basic information are missing. The Project Narrative Canvas can be the solution to collect the necessary information and data before schowcasing your work. All rights reserved. Passing on and copying of this document, use and communication of its contents is not permitted without written authorization of Bertrand Jouvenot. © 2021 Bertrand Jouvenot -


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The ‘Wish List’ Paradigm: E-commerce in 21st Century!  

How happy are you when you wish list an item on Amazon, and then, place your order by adding it to your cart? Or, When you finally see that item which went out of stock is again available for you? The world of e-commerce has experienced a humongous boost in the last decade. So much so that within the first quarter of 2018, a 9% increase in e-commerce sales was seen. A recent report conducted on e-retail outlets in the United States showed that the e-commerce industry there stands at a net worth of $123.7 billion. The total sales worth for 2018 stood at a whopping $1.3 trillion.   Basics of e-commerce – Essentials to know Generally, people think that B2C transactions are the basis for e-commerce. The most popular B2C transaction is purchasing and selling of goods on the web. Today, almost every business has a digital storefront that is equal to its retail outlets. Some businesses even do not...


Posted By:    Category: Blog, Marketing    Date: March 3, 2020

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E-Travel Retail: Digitization Making This Field Dynamic

Travel retail poses to be a huge business, particularly for airports. This arena had been gradually adapting the digital technologies. Today, the industry of travel retail proffers a compelling opportunity for many premium brands of the world on the web. It is almost like a world canvas where internationally acclaimed brands come with their product offerings.   Why? What is travel retail? It is majorly because there has been a sustained rise on potential customer base. You can look at any longer passenger traffic forecast in the airlines such as the Boeing, UNWTO, Airbus etc., and see a massive growth in their sector. Experts state that between 2017 and 2036, the compounded annual growth rate of airline passenger shall be at 4.7%. The global market for travel is ever changing and emerges to be a landscape of fascinating crossroads of humanity. There are legions of people who are on the move. Some of...


Posted By:    Category: Blog, Marketing    Date: February 4, 2020

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A Comprehensive Guide to the World of E-Retailing

There is a new buzzword in the retailing sector – electronic retailing or e-tailing or internet retailing. It has gained traction in recent years for B2C organisations. You can say that mega giants such as Dell and Amazon are the precursors of this e-tailing world. They have made the entire process of choosing, adding to cart and placing an order extremely efficient and easy for customers across the world.   You may be surprised to know that this concept had been in discussion since 1995! The term was an addition to the other clusters like e-commerce and e-mail. E-retailing posits to be an independent business model that comprises certain constituents like: Trust model Electronic transactions In reality, it is also a subset of e-commerce by nature.   What is e-retailing? Essential aspects to know Emerging as one of the most powerful techniques of marketing, electronic retailing...


Posted By:    Category: Blog, Marketing    Date: January 7, 2020

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Global Shoppers: The “Add to Cart” kinda Era

Gone are those days when shopping was looked down as a fad for materialistic desires. ‘Boring’, ‘cynical’, shopaholic’ – all these epithets defined it. However, the present scenario sings a different song! Shopping has become a passion amongst people in the 21st century. Not only for women (as the patriarchs would say) but for men as well! A large part of transforming shopping into a worldwide ‘habit’ can be credited to the unmitigated boom in digitization. The internet has made it easier for us, the consumers, to buy literally anything with one single CLICK. Although many find trying out products by visiting a store, online shopping brings a level of convenience that conventional purchase simply cannot beat. Nielson Company once conducted a survey back in March 2010 on 27,000 web users across the 55 markets in Asia Pacific, Middle East, North and South America and Europe. It illustrated...


Posted By:    Category: Blog, Marketing    Date: December 2, 2019

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Marketing Acquisition: Time to ‘HOOK’ ‘em all Right Under Your Brand

Targeting, Advertising, Campaigning, Converting. All of these are the intricate components of market acquisition. It involves all the effort you put to bring your customers to the final stage of making a purchase. Simply speaking, marketing acquisition is the process that helps you convert potential leads into successful retentive customers.   Attracting quality customers towards your brand seems to get tougher each day. Most of your efforts go behind figuring out which marketing approach should you take! Statistics reveal that in the last 5 years, customer acquisition costs have increased by 50%. Marketing has become expensive and consumers today are not blind followers of a brand. Therefore, enhancing the ROI of your market efforts has to be done smartly. So, what is acquisition marketing? Is it mergers and acquisition? Or, is it about acquiring traffic/leads/conversions? Does it mean inbound...


Posted By:    Category: Blog, Marketing    Date: November 4, 2019

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Influencer Marketing Strategies that can call the Shots Any Day!

It seems only yesterday when influencer marketing was an arena limited only to the celebrities and dedicated bloggers. Currently, with the boom of digitisation in 21st century, influencer marketing has spread its web across the virtual spectrum resulting in the rise of influencers who have saturated the market deftly. One example of extensive influencer marketing can be the YouTube celebrity, PewDiePie. Remember this man? He teamed up with horror film makers and created a video series where he took challenges in catacombs. The content was so en perfecto that it garnered a mind-boggling subscriber count of 27 million! On the other hand, this particular domain has often been a victim of conflicting ideas. You may get confused as in whether to seek influencers or not! Strategies of influencer marketing are all the more difficult to navigate. Yet, if understood in-depth with no pre-conceived notion then you...


Posted By:    Category: Blog, Marketing    Date: October 6, 2019

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Dichotomy of Data Sciences & Predictive Marketing – What’s in Store?

It was in 2014, when Airbnb faced a problem regarding their pricing model for rentals. Several variables such as seasonality, individual penchants and choice of location created a somewhat chaotic maze in front of them. The brand wondered how they can set an optimal fee which synched with the variables and also got them ample bookings. It used data science coupled with predictive tools to understand, apprehend and replicate the necessary changes.   This kind of an instance posits the fact that data sciences and predictive marketing analytics are interlinked. Before delving into their core relationship, its better we see their individual-ness first!   Prologue – Data Sciences What is it? To answer this, we have to go back in history! When the world first entered the era of big data, there was an imminent need for its storage. This became the primary concern for industries till 2010. The...


Posted By:    Category: Blog, Data Science, Marketing    Date: September 2, 2019

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