Public Appearences

As a successful keynote Speaker for more than twenty years, I have had the privilege of speaking to audiences for clients, which include trade associations, trade shows and international events. My topics include marketing, digital disruption, fashion, and business.

Click here to see an example of one of my public appearances for an engaged audience of more than 1,000.

For speaking arrangements, please contact me at at Les Brigades du Marketing and cc my speaking agent Nathalie. Both email addresses are included below:

[email protected]

[email protected].


Chinese students at xiamen UniversityIn the last twenty years, I have lectured in more than a dozen Universities (including Sorbonne University), Business Schools and Fashion Schools, where I have taught marketing, digital and other specific topics.

My audience are Chinese, European and French students in various grades, from undergraduate, graduate, to Executive MBA.

Samples of presentations I have made can be seen below:


Marketing Management in Fashion and Luxury


How to increase your professional efficiency by improving self-organization

Fashion, Luxury and Design

Business model anatomy for Luxury and Fashion brands

The Web wears Prada


Fashionable SWOT (volume 1)

Fashionable SWOT (volume 2)

Strategic Relooking



My clients include professional Institutes for marketing, digital, retail, fashion and luxury industries.

I also design specific training programs launched by private companies and dedicated to their own clients. An example of social media session created with Frenchweb is visible clicking h

MOOCs and Webinars

MOOCs and Webinars are created to punctuate our high content and comprehensive training. Find out how you can see examples clicking here or there.