journaldebj_2Le Journal de BJ au bureau

I am the author of Le Journal de BJ au bureau, a management book published in France by Maxima, 2004.

Le Journal de BJ au bureau is a “Bridget Jones Diary of business”.

Using the most didactic and funny ways possible, this book aims to teach high-end management and business to non-insiders, young professionals and middle managers.
Benoît Jobert is a candid young man just starting out in his career. He meets thirty excellent professionals (managers, colleagues, consultants, suppliers, and others). He befriends them and finds every opportunity to chat with them at the coffee machine, in his office, at lunch, in meetings, while flying, in the taxi. They discuss different management and business issues and at night, Benoît writes his diary, relating what he heard, understood, and learnt about management and business.

This delightfully charming and informational book is organized in three parts:

The first part is business management oriented. It explains what a company is, how fast its environment evolves and how organizations try to adapt themselves in such a context.

The second part is “how to” oriented. It covers know how issues and tells how to do things in practical ways: how to build a business plan, how to write a marketing plan, how to manage a P&L, how to do a job desc, how to delegate to colleagues… covering the main functions of a company. It is based on the author’s personal professional experience matched with tools.

The third part is “personal development” oriented and focus on attitude and behaviors, interpersonal communication, psychology at work, values, mindset…

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chineseChinese Translation

The book has been translated in Chinese for a publication in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore by a first Chinese publishing house : Ollin.

Le Journal de BJ au bureau appears as one of the bestselling books from France in China on The Beijing International Rights Agency.

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A second translation, by a second publisher (China Machine Press), has made the book available for distribution in continental China.

korean_2Korean Translation

After being translated into Korean, this book has also been launched in Korea.

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Bertrand_Jouvenot_Managing-Softly-201x300Managing Softly: Learning From Buddha, gandhi, Gracie.

My second book, Managing Softly, has been published in US. To buy the book on, click HERE.

The idea of this book came to me as I was journeying in India, While sitting in front of the Ganga in Benares, I realized that looking at the history of world, the violence principle emerges as a key driver.

It’s all the same in the economic world: companies run to win market shares, employees jockey to gain better position, CEOs struggle to convince Wall Street that their strategic orientations are the best, and so on.

But a closer look at the history of world also reveals three exceptional men who have been involved in immense battles and have been winning amazing victories using the Non-Violence Principle.

Buddha succeed in the spiritual era at a planetary level. He invented an alternative religion, softer than the existing religions of his time, because he considered them too harsh for people. Twenty five centuries later, half the people on earth are declaring themselves Buddhists. Non-Violence Principle is inherent to Buddhism from the religion itself to the way people came to it.

Gandhi succeed in the political sphere on a continental scale. He battled English colonialism in the 20th century. He helped obtain independence for India following the Non-Violence Principle in the way he struggled politically against his opponents.

Rickson Gracie succeed in martial arts. With an historic, undefeated record of 450 fights between two men, he demonstrated the superiority of his martial art: Gracie jiu jitsu, versus any other martial arts. The Non Violence Principle is part of his martial art. It is the Way he followed to defeat all his opponents.

The purpose of the book is to draw the lessons from these three exceptional men and to establish the Non Violence Principle as the key success factor for today’s management.

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Bertrand-Jouvenot_Mode_InternetMode & Internet

The title of my third book is Mode & Internet: Le marketing épinglé.

This is the first book dedicated to the Fashion’s encounter with the Internet. Mode & Internet shows why the classical marketing must be reinvented because of digital age.

Fashion brands’ strategic issues are studied in the light of new thinking and through the prism of web incessant evolution.

Potential changes in Fashion industry, Internet future and evolving marketing fields are anticipated and proposed.

The new ideas then go beyond the fashion industry and address these new and potentially crippling issues faced by the majority of today’s brands.

This book is a must read for those working in luxury, fashion, marketing and brand image fields.

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6a00d8342149c653ef017ee9ca1576970d-300wiThe Inside Story Of The Web

The Inside Story Of The Web, my fourth book, deals with the World Wide Web, and what it influences, transforms, and changes. We explore its affect on professions (marketing, management, product design, etc.), behaviours, morals, work, ideas, conceptions, and more.

In the United States, the famous Route 66 crosses three time zones and eight States, from east to west. It became the first transcontinental route to be asphalted in the USA.

The Americans nicknamed it “The Mother Road”. Since then, it has become legend only to gave way to another American epic, this time crossing all the states and time zones of the whole world: the World Wide Web.

This book will take you on this new and fascinating journey. We call this Route Web 69 because this work is dedicated to the Web and how it remains the same, whether it is turned in one way or the other, like the figure sixty-nine (69). On one side, the book is published in English, on the other side, in French.

It reveals how the Internet was first a form of media. It then became an industry before finally turning into a community. The latter should reflect on what it is, what it does and what it thinks. This book asks, and asks this community, a number of questions, initiates answers and opens up a number of areas for further reflections.



6a00d8342149c653ef017ee9ca16e1970d-300wiThe Inside Story Of The Web is a travelling book that zooms across the world, through states, continents and time zones. After reading it, readers from random cities leave their copy (on a public bench, in the train, in an airport…) so that another reader in turn takes it, reads it and leaves it somewhere. These readers talk about where they found the book and where they then left it at our Web Community found at Thus, the journey of the work throughout its route is described.

Whilst you are reading, copies of The Inside Story Of The Web are perhaps flying from New York to Mumbai or Paris to Tokyo, and are possibly waiting to be collected from train seats in Shanghai, on tables of business restaurants in Mexico, in business centers in Moscow, in waiting rooms of Californian businesses, in computer cases…

To discover the site dedicated to the book, click here. To watch a video presenting the book (in French), click here.

Le Digital à toutes les sauces

With the unveiling of my fifth book, Le Digital à Toutes les Sauces, allow me to don the apron of a master chef so that we may discover the true recipes of the success of digital. A real treat, indeed.

The perfect companion for companies and their employees, Le Digital à Tout Sauces provides nearly a hundred ways to succeed in our digital age. It covers digital innovation and transformation, management and strategy, as well as product development and marketing. These easy-to-comprehend methods are not merely my own, but rather organic inventions and solutions stemming from the endless work of numerous early pioneers of the Web. Such pioneers include the most advanced companies of the moment like Google, Amazon, and Apple, talented entrepreneurs, and highly influential authors.

Not just another management book, Le Digital à Tout Sauces is much more complete. Most importantly, these methods are presented in the form of snack-sized cooking recipes. Check out the many testimonials from prestigeous companies who have used these recipes to grow their own businesses such as La Poste, Eiffage, Cofidis, Sanofi, CNP Assurances, Ipsos, and Prisma.

Presenting digital information in the form of delicious, warm and inviting kitchen masterpieces gives Le Digital à Tout Sauces its unique ability to accomplish three things. First, it entices you, the reader, to enter the digital world within the ever familiar universe of food. Second, it invites you to join the action —the art of cooking in the kitchen. Third, it arranges all the information on the best path, one based on the well-known traditional and gastronomical methods of French Cuisine.

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I am equally a regular contributor to several printed and digital magazines such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Le Monde, INfluencia, the prestigious French quarterly print magazine spotting trends in marketing, communication and creation. Creation Made In China is another such publication.

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I had the distinct pleasure of being part of a co-writing titled Concentré de futures, which is currently published in French and waiting for its Enlish translation.

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