This page presents my other web sites displayed on a chronological basis and those where you can find me on the Internet.

You are here at! Thank you for visiting my main site where you will discover:
– My Curriculum Vitae in English, in French and in a non-usual version (enjoy!).
– Press articles highlighting projects I have participated in.
– Summaries of my books and information on their translations.
– A presentation of my consulting offer for brands that include my brochure, proposal examples and overviews of tools I have conceived.
– A description of my teaching experience and a sample of one of my Courses.
– Contact information.
– Where to find me on the web and brief descriptions of my various web sites.

The site,, is dedicated to my first book titled Le Journal de BJ au Bureau, published by Maxima Publishing House, 2003, France.

This book has been coined the “Bridget Jones’ Diary of business” and its site cleverly represents the diary entries of BJ (Benoît Jobert, our main character). When you visit the site, you will note that on the left on the screen, there are links for BJ’s favorite Gurus’ Web sites, his favorite marketing sites, mentors, idols and more. On the right, you will find a column with the book presentation, free chapters, bonus, extra bonus and more!

The site, presents my second book Managing Softly: Learning From Buddha, Gandhi, Gracie, published by Book Surge Publishing, 2006.

The site offers portraits, quotes and bookmarks relating to Buddha, Gandhi and Rickson Gracie. It provides a summary of the book, reasons to read it, and shows where you can purchase your copy on-line at, and other sites.

This site is in English.

The site, gives full focus to my third book relating to the encounter of Fashion and Internet, titled Mode & Internet : Le marketing épinglé, published in French, 2009.

The site offers a summary of the book, your opportunity to see its cover art. and read its table of contents. Plus, we offer you free samples and give you information to buy it, to download bookmaks, to discover an on-line fashion guide, and so much more.

The site, is dedicated to the indé-modables.
The indé-modables is an independant consultants collective specializing in luxury, fashion and design. Each member of les indé-modables manages their own independent client base and consulting activities. While their independence allows them the liberty to reflect, create and act according to their client’s needs, they are able to draw from the expertise of other indé-modables. Members originate from different professional backgrounds, les indé-modables posses complimentary skill sets and excel at cross-collaboration. They share common passions, values and convictions
The site, gives visitors the opportunity to discover every consultants’ bio, scope and proposed missions, along with references and how to contact them.
This site is in English, in Chinese and in French. is the web site of Les Brigades du Marketing, the eponym marketing agency.

It provides:

– Offer

– Main achievements

– References

– Bio of its founder

– Contact information.


The site is dedicated to my last book titled, The Inside Story Of The Web.
At this site you will discover our book presentation and free samples. You can see its two covers (English and French), its table of contents and bibliography.

Most exciting, this site allows you to follow the travels of the book, given that The Inside Story Of The Web is a travelling book that zooms across the world, through states, continents and time zones. After reading it, readers from random cities leave their copy (on a public bench, in the train, in an airport…) so that another reader in turn takes it, reads it and leaves it somewhere. These readers talk about where they found the book and where they then left it on Thus, the journey of the work throughout its route is described.


social-media-icons-stackedSocial Media

Be sure to join the conversation and join me on these social sites:

Linkedin (definitely the social site I use the most)

Slideshare (where you can find a lot of free stuff including business cases, various materials, books free bonuses…)

Twitter (where I love to tweet out relevant tips and other fun stuff)

Youtube (for entertaining and informative videos)

Facebook (a fun and engaging community)

Pinterest (where I share and update image selections for training sessions for semiotic analysis of fashion photography).

– Luxury Society

Plus many others social platforms I am permanently testing.

And remember to catch me on WeChat!

At the very least, the most curious can Google my name and scroll to click on dozens of pages of solutions to your problems and answers to your questions.