, the content generation and trend-spotting platform, arrives in France

Publishing content has become a strategic issue for companies. Thanks to an advanced artificial intelligence technology, has developed a platform that analyzes data and creates multilingual content for all websites and e-commerce. Unique article development, text generator, creation of product sheets or Amazon descriptions, trend forecasting, site performance analysis… Its founder Massimiliano Squillace explains it all. Hi Massimiliano Squillace, what problem do you propose to solve with your start-up? Massimiliano Squillace : The world of communication is constantly and rapidly changing, the challenges for content creators and for anyone who runs an online business and needs content are many.The tools are varied and often not available in one place, which makes it difficult for the user to use them. Another problem often reported by users in the market is that there are no tailored...


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Innovation accounting tells the story of innovation before it is returning revenue

Most established organizations have understood the need to innovate and become more digital, however the management tools available to leaders seeking to understand the investments in innovation are lacking. Beyond, financial accounting, a new complementary system for measuring and tracking innovation is needed. A book explains how. Let's listen to Esther Gons, co-author of Innovation Accounting. Hi Esther, so why did you write this book now?   Esther Gons : Innovation Accounting is a topic covered in our first book, The Corporate Startup, but it is still very much an unknown area for many people. The lean startup movement has taught us so much about how to start de-risking the search for New Business Models and the need for accountability if you want to do that in a data-driven manner in a startup. However, setting that up in a corporate environment brings a set of entirely new challenges.   The...


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The urgency of psychological safety at work has never been greater

What if we worked safely? It could thrive to both our companies and ourselves. A not so crazy assumption that Amy C. Edmondson of Harvard Business School explores in her book Fearless Organization.   Hi Amy, so why did you write this book… now?   Amy C. Edmondson: I wrote this book now for two reasons. First, the urgency of psychological safety at work has never been greater because of the high levels of uncertainty today. When work is straightforward – programmed, or clearly prescribed, and essentially a matter of pure execution – psychological safety matters little to the quality and experience of work. But with uncertainty comes a need to speak up openly with questions, ideas, concerns, and even mistakes, if the right things are going to happen to ensure the quality of the work, as well as the quality of the work environment.   Second, a few years ago Google conducted a well publicized study that...


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Raising childen, forget the tricks, enjoy the T.R.I.C.K.

Esther Wojcicki AKA the Godmother of Silicon Valley, legendary teacher, and mother of a Super Family has been inspiring legends like Steve Jobs. She shares her tried-and-tested methods for raising happy, healthy, successful children using TRICK, standing for Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness in How to Raise Successful People. Let her tell us about her book.         Hi Esther, so why did you write this book… now?     Esther Wojcicki : I wrote the book for three reasons. Number one is that I see an epidemic worldwide of helicopter parenting and that is creating a generation of adults who feel that they always need help and they always need approval before they do anything. Kids are trained by their parents, who do it unintentionally, that the adults know the best and that the adults will direct their activities and make sure they...


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The ticket to win comes from being a partner in life for your customers

Customers are looking increasingly to companies instead of governments to tackle societal challenges like climate change, health care and mobility. While digital ease of use has become a commodity, the companies will succeed in providing outstanding digital service, becomes a partner in the life of their customers and providing solutions for major societal issues. To understand how, we interviewed Steven Ven Belleghem, author of the book Offer You Can't Refuse.   Hi Steven, so why did you write this book… now?   Steven Van Belleghem: I believe we are at a turning point. The past ten years, you could make customers happy and excited with digital convenience. That’s how companies like uber and Amazon won the market. Today, digital convenience is the norm, it’s a commodity. If you have it: fine, if you don’t: you loose. It is no longer a positive differentiator. That’s the turning point where we...


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Let’s add a taste of Nietzsche to the library of entrepreneurs

What If a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist can connect the dots between Nietzsche’s free spirit and the high-tech business environment? Let’s challenge Dave Jilk and Brad Feld about their, as surprising than relevant, book: The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Nietzsche: A Book for Disruptors. Interview. Hi Dave and Brad,, so why did you write this book… now? Dave and Brad: The project dates back to 2013, when we had a brief discussion about a line Nietzsche wrote, and made the observation that it sounded a lot like an entrepreneur. Dave was reading quite a bit of Nietzsche at the time and kept noticing ideas and aphorisms that seemed to apply. We are always looking for projects we can do together, so in 2016 we decided to see if we could make it into a book. The timing turns out to be very good: because of the popularity of Stoicism in Silicon Valley, especially through Ryan Holiday’s work,...


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What if privacy was the true power ?

Every minute of every day, our data is harvested and exploited… It is time to pull the plug on the surveillance economy, reading Carissa Véliz who calls for the end of the data economy and proposes concrete measures to bring that end about, offering practical solutions, both for policymakers and ordinary citizens, in her book: Privacy is Power. Hi Carissa, so why did you write this book… now? Carissa Véliz : The more I researched privacy, the more alarmed I grew about the state of our personal data. After six years of researching the topic, I felt confident that I knew enough to take a stand. We are at a crucial historical moment: the United States is discussing the possibility of a federal privacy law, Europe is discussing the ePrivacy regulation, China is quickly eroding privacy and trying to export its surveillance model… The time to act is now. The laws that we choose now will shape society...


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If you write for the money, you’ll be playing a different game than what you need to be playing if you want to be a decent writer… is undeniably a rising place to log when you want to make money writing. Even if is is a little bit tricky you still can enjoy success as a blogger on The book Success On Medium explains how. Interview with the author Sergey Faldin. Hi Sergey, so why did you write this book… now?   Sergey Faldin: I wrote the book exactly one year ago when I reached my first 1,000 followers on Medium and made my first $1,000 from the platform. It took me three months of daily writing.  It was a big milestone for me, as I just started writing in English — I am originally from Russia and never wrote anything publicly in English — so I decided to share some of the things I’ve learned witht the Medium community.   One year since, Medium has changed. It’s a different platform and I view it from a different perspective. I am not pushing myself to write there every day anymore. I am...


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The Job That Remains To Be Done: to understand your customers’ underlying intent

Theodore Levitt, marketing professor at Harvard Business School, famously said, "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole." Later on, the concept of Job To Be Done, AKA JTBD, was developed by Clayton Christensen (the inventor of the theory of disruptive innovation) who suggests that people are less interested in the products they buy than in the services they receive from them. But how do we put this theory into practice? Jim Kalbach, answers in his book The Jobs To Be Done Playbook. Interview. Hi Jim Kalbach, so why did you write this book… now? I've been investigating the field and have applied JTBD to my own work for almost 20 years. About 5 years ago I started giving a workshop on the topic as well. So for me, the book is actually a culmination of a long-time study of the field. In other words, I've kinda been writing the book for a while, or at least thinking about how I'd...


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Make every project chrystal clear to prepare the best case studies

Case studies are an execllent way to promote your company. But, when time comes to write the basic information are missing. The Project Narrative Canvas can be the solution to collect the necessary information and data before schowcasing your work. All rights reserved. Passing on and copying of this document, use and communication of its contents is not permitted without written authorization of Bertrand Jouvenot. © 2021 Bertrand Jouvenot -


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When working from home, you need a different mindset from working in the office

Till the beginning of the pandemic you, your boss or your team are still trying to replicate the way you work at the office.But remote means you must think of yourself as a small business owner, with your boss as your client. The book titled Remote, Inc  shows you a new approach, based on the mindset and habits of people who flourish while working outside the office some or all of the time. Interview with Robert C Pozen. Hi Robert, why did we write this book? Robert C Pozen: Because millions of people started working from home during the pandemic,and they need practical guidance on how to do so -- to maximize theirproductivity and job satisfaction.     What is the most important idea in the book? Robert C Pozen: When working from home, you need a different mindset from working in the office.Don't think of yourself as an employee who takes daily directions...


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The question that kills to David Allen

The GTD method, authored by David Allen, is acclaimed as one of the best personal management systems. We wanted to go further asking to the master of personal organization a question that kills: Is the GTD method appropriate for kids? David Allen: Yes. At least as soon as a kid can understand and respond to these questions: What would you like to experience/have true/have happen for this party/vacation/wall decoration/homework? Great. And what’s the next thing you/I/we need to do, to make that happen? …and if they’re old enough, add this one: And so, how can we make sure you/I/we take that action and make it happen? That’s GTD. We’ve seen parents home-schooling their kids as young as four years old with these questions; and the kids are quite responsive and enthused, and they start to get things done. B.J.: Thanks for your answer David. D.A.: Thank you...


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Covid 19 or not, business travel industry is facing an untangled and rampant disruption

At a glance International travel departures have more than doubled from roughly 600 million to 1.3 billion over the last two decades (1). Asia has become the epicenter of growth for business travel. The standards of the industry are rather low and open the door to a rampant disruption. The conjunction of three phenomena : Asia progression in the market, a new breed of travelers and new travelers’ mindset engendered by digital habits, pleads in favor of a fresh “people-first” perspective on business travel, one that puts the overall wellbeing and satisfaction of the employee ahead of policy and program considerations. Re-shaping travel tools and policies to better balance cost and compliance controls with employee flexibility and freedom can also help reduce the friction of business travel. Re-thinking its marketing communication approach is an opportunity for companies of this...


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Recognize that the organization where you live, work, and play shapes how people think, act, and feel

Given that organizations have been shaping how people think, act, and feel, let’s decide what is the best options to frame the work of million people. Let’s explore emerging organizational species that draws on dozen of innovative insights with Dave Ulrich, co-author of Reinventing the Organization with Arthur Yeoung. Interview. Hi Dave, so why did you write this book… now? Dave Ulrich: I got into this career because a passion for “organizations” that shape how people think, act, and feel.  I have always been intrigued with how to define and create an organization that creates, delivers, and captures value for all stakeholders.  My first book (in 1990) was Organization Capability where we redefined organization less as structure and more as capabilities. Since then, we have done 10 books redefining organization. This recent book builds on this earlier work and highlights an emerging...


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Finding your flow as an entrepreneur doesn’t happen automatically

All business owners face a set of issues sooner or later. To seek out like-minded founders who can support them mentally and emotionally when they hit roadblocks is critical. In the meantime, a book can really help. Interview with the author, accustomed to success, Mona Bijoor. Hi Mona, so why did you write this book… now?  Mona Bijoor: I’ve spent the past couple of years advising hundreds of first-time founders, and my conversations with them were the inspiration for Startups and Downs: The Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs. Through advising founders, I found that there is a set of issues that all business owners face at one time or another. But these common challenges—pitching investors, losing key employees, dealing with the competition—aren’t something people automatically know how to deal with from the start. In Startups and Downs: The Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs, I share...


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