Let’s catch up on Goodreads

I have been devouring books for a long time ago. Here on Goodreads, I am sharing only the books I read for my professional, teaching, consulting and own books writing activities. So the books you will find on my shelve are mainly emanating from business, management, marketing and digital fields. They are only a part … Continue reading “Let’s catch up on Goodreads”


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The ‘Wish List’ Paradigm: E-commerce in 21st Century!  

How happy are you when you wish list an item on Amazon, and then, place your order by adding it to your cart? Or, When you finally see that item which went out of stock is again available for you? The world of e-commerce has experienced a humongous boost in the last decade. So much … Continue reading “The ‘Wish List’ Paradigm: E-commerce in 21st Century!  “


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No need to annoy an AI & Data champion

There was no need to annoy Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Vice-Président Global Cognitive, AI & Data Leader for Financial Services at IBM. Hearing too much nonsense about Artificial Intelligence, he armed himself with a frank and direct pen to write his truths on the topic, in a book entitled “AI will be what you make of it” … Continue reading “No need to annoy an AI & Data champion”


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Worried about Artificial Intelligence taking over? How collaboration may be the answer

What is the true face of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Can it bring many benefits? Unhesitatingly, yes. Can it bring any harm? Alarmingly, yes. A thorough and detailed study of the most prominent AI interfaces from Google to Uber was conducted by us.The study highlighted familiar, and widely used and accepted AI such as IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. It shows us exactly how alarming this state of affairs has become.

The situation is serious and it may prove good advice to regain control before it’s too late. This is because we have yet to invent the ultimate matrix designed to construct the best possible scenario of collaboration between human and machine. May this first draft of such a matrix begin the conversation


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E-Travel Retail: Digitization Making This Field Dynamic

Travel retail poses to be a huge business, particularly for airports. This arena had been gradually adapting the digital technologies. Today, the industry of travel retail proffers a compelling opportunity for many premium brands of the world on the web. It is almost like a world canvas where internationally acclaimed brands come with their product … Continue reading “E-Travel Retail: Digitization Making This Field Dynamic”


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A Comprehensive Guide to the World of E-Retailing

There is a new buzzword in the retailing sector – electronic retailing or e-tailing or internet retailing. It has gained traction in recent years for B2C organisations. You can say that mega giants such as Dell and Amazon are the precursors of this e-tailing world. They have made the entire process of choosing, adding to … Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to the World of E-Retailing”


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Global Shoppers: The “Add to Cart” kinda Era

Gone are those days when shopping was looked down as a fad for materialistic desires. ‘Boring’, ‘cynical’, shopaholic’ – all these epithets defined it. However, the present scenario sings a different song! Shopping has become a passion amongst people in the 21st century. Not only for women (as the patriarchs would say) but for men … Continue reading “Global Shoppers: The “Add to Cart” kinda Era”


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An history of French lingerie

The history of French lingerie sheds light on the evolution of how women were perceived in each era. It is a story punctuated by women’s conquests, industrial visions or innovations, beautiful fabrics, minute craftsmanship, talents, creations, models, daring, social metamorphoses, know-how, excellence, seduction, elegance, refinement … 1850 Halfway through the Romantic century, France got back … Continue reading “An history of French lingerie”


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Marketing Acquisition: Time to ‘HOOK’ ‘em all Right Under Your Brand

Targeting, Advertising, Campaigning, Converting. All of these are the intricate components of market acquisition. It involves all the effort you put to bring your customers to the final stage of making a purchase. Simply speaking, marketing acquisition is the process that helps you convert potential leads into successful retentive customers.   Attracting quality customers towards your brand seems … Continue reading “Marketing Acquisition: Time to ‘HOOK’ ‘em all Right Under Your Brand”


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Influencer Marketing Strategies that can call the Shots Any Day!

It seems only yesterday when influencer marketing was an arena limited only to the celebrities and dedicated bloggers. Currently, with the boom of digitisation in 21st century, influencer marketing has spread its web across the virtual spectrum resulting in the rise of influencers who have saturated the market deftly. One example of extensive influencer marketing … Continue reading “Influencer Marketing Strategies that can call the Shots Any Day!”


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Dichotomy of Data Sciences & Predictive Marketing – What’s in Store?

It was in 2014, when Airbnb faced a problem regarding their pricing model for rentals. Several variables such as seasonality, individual penchants and choice of location created a somewhat chaotic maze in front of them. The brand wondered how they can set an optimal fee which synched with the variables and also got them ample … Continue reading “Dichotomy of Data Sciences & Predictive Marketing – What’s in Store?”


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Data Science: The Fourth Paradigm of Modern Science

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary approach towards extracting structured and unstructured information as well as solutions from enormous amounts of unmapped data. It is often termed as the trendiest emerging frontier of cutting-edge modern scientific research. However, the problem that many modern industries face is data deluge, something too huge for traditional data mining methods … Continue reading “Data Science: The Fourth Paradigm of Modern Science”


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Can an AI teach English to us?

What if an AI could teach English to everyone? This is the underlying assumption behind a test made in collaboration between MIT Auto-Id Lab and ABA English’s linguists. For the first time, the Amazon’s assistant Alexa has been used to simulate a human conversation in order to discover proficiency in English and practice speaking.

For people learning English all over the world, who wish to discover their proficiency in English and practice speaking, the English Test for Alexa Echo Show, is the only English-language proficiency test based on interacting vocally with Alexa which assesses your level of English by simulating a human conversation. Contrary to all other digital language level tests available today, English Test on Alexa is the first test to assess English proficiency by simulating a human conversation.


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Psychoanalysis of the Web

MThe highly expected book titled The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, authored by Scott Galloway is available now. It echoes the central thesis of one of our former articles. So, has Scott Galloway been starting a psychoanalysis when he was writting his book, like we do by using Google? Please, lie on the couch.

Meet Peter and John. Both of them are New Yorkers, in their forties, recently divorced and very taken up with their jobs full of responsibilities, crowning two wonderful careers within large groups who put pressure on employees.


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